2017 prices for the Ultimook Race are listed  below.  Please select  your team size for an invoice:
Middle School $50
Small High School 1A-4A (1A-2A Washington) $100
Large High School 5A-6A (3A-4A Washington) $150
Please make checks payable to THS Cross Country and bring to the race or mail to Tillamook Cross Country, 2605 12th St., Tillamook,  OR 97141.  Please do not make us chase you down after the race.
If you do not have enough kids for a team, sign up for the open race for the youyh price of $15 each using RaceEntry.com.  Once signed up for the Open Race, race unattached in whatever race suitable for the kids (i.e. middle school, small school, etc.).  Once someone is registered, the results are picked up in whatever race they run in.  The adult price of the open 5k is $20.  
Admission for spectators into the property is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students.  Please inform your parents so we don’t have problems at the gate.  We have a lot of port-a-potties to pay for.  




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