Here is the final race schedule for 2017 Ultimook Race, Sept. 2nd:

8:15am Open Race  5k
8:45am   Middle School Coach’s Meeting
*9:00am  Middle School Girls   3k
9:30am   Middle School Boys   3k
9:45am    1A-4A Coach’s Meeting
*10:00am  Novice Race (Boys & Girls)  3k 1A-4A
10:30am   JV Girls 5k 1A-4A
11:15am   JV Boys  5k   1A-4A
12:00pm  Varsity Girls  5k  1A-4A
12:45pm  Varsity Boys  5k  1A-4A
1:15 pm        5A-6A Coach’s Meeting
*1:30pm  Novice Race (Boys & Girls)  3k 5A, 6A
2:00pm     JV Girls      5k  5A, 6A
2:45pm   JV Boys     5k 5A, 6A
3:30pm Varsity Girls 5k 5A, 6A
4:15pm Varsity Boys 5k 5A, 6A

*Each major division will start on time, middle school, high school 1A-4A, and high school 5A-6A.  Within those divisions, it is a rolling schedule and may proceed slightly ahead of schedule. This might give our volunteers enough time to eat lunch before the Novice 5A-6A race begins.

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