As always it was terribly difficult to decide on our 5 scholarship applicants.  The 5 campers receiving a FREE scholarship this season are:

Cole Spencer

Olivia Silenzi

Ellie Rising

Pete Frazee

Nate Edwards

Most of you have already registered, if you have already paid the deposit we will reimburse you for that.   Congratulations.

For those of you who were not selected, I hope that this exercise helped you fine tune your goals for the year.  We will be talking a lot about setting goals at camp.  I remember applying for a grant the first time.  I spend a lot of time and work and did not receive a grant.  I took a long break as I didn’t want to risk all that kind of work again for no reward.  After some time, I tried again, and have now received 5 different grants for various projects within my business.  So now I’m 5 for 6.  Had I not tried again, I would not have received a grant.  Please keep trying.


Patrick Zweifel

Ultimook Running Camp

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