Dear Coaches,

Register Athletes:  Please register your athletes via by today.  The deadline to register is Friday morning at 9am.  Please make our job easier by registering by today.

Photos:  Several professional photographers will be on the course.  Photos will be made available after the race free at and facebook:  Ultimook.  It may take up to a week to post all pictures.  Additionally, we will have a couple drone operators (myself included) onsite to get some aerial photography.  Please do not be alarmed if there is a space craft looking thing humming above the mud pit or river crossing.

Campers:  Campers, when arriving please enter the farm (follow signs) and someone will be greeting you to let you know where you can camp.  It will be possible to park on the farm Friday afternoon/evening.  Anything parked on the West end of the farm near the start area will need to be moved by 7am in the morning to the parking area across the river.  Tents in this area will need to be removed by 7am as well.  If you’re parking and/or camping in the middle of the farm I would still encourage you to move your vehicle in the morning.  Tents can stay up there all day.  If you or one of your parents is driving something big, please don’t try to fit into somewhere you can’t find yourself out of.  Last year I had permanent posts removed around the track area with no attempt to put them back and I wasn’t very happy about it. Please do not run over any trees or flowers.  Please be careful and respectful.

Please check in to receive your tickets for dinner/breakfast, depending on what you have signed up for.  We have turned this over to a professional caterer.  All money that you are paying us goes directly to them, but without a ticket they will not serve you.  In the past we had a whole lot more people eating than paying.  This was okay when we were in control, but we can’t get stuck paying the caterer for food that we weren’t paid for.  You’ll have the ability to purchase more tickets once you are here if you need to or if you decide the food looks better than you anticipated.

Maps:  As noted in our update, the “hill” across the road will not be a part of the course this year.  We have added another half mile trail of wooded chips on the East end of the farm.  So the 5k course will have an extended trail on the other side of the river, a different river crossing then before, and a loop on the East end of the farm to complete the new course.  The start and finish will be the same.  Please refer to 5k course maps here: .  There is a perimeter path around the corn maze.  Runners will be able to choose left or right when entering the corn.  Both paths are exactly the same distance.

The 3k course will be used for the middle school and novice races.  You can find the pdf map here:

Parking:  Please refer to the parking map for a good explanation of where parking will be.   Busses will need to pass the parking area to drop off the kids at the drop off area and then turn around back to the parking area.  We will have handicapped parking available on the farm, but only for handicapped marked vehicles.

Spectators:  The Ultimook Race is a great spectator race with lots of great vantage points through the race.  There will be a $2.00 gate fee for spectators.  All kids high school age and younger get in free.  This will go to help offset the many logistical expenses.

Shirts:  There will be shirts and sweatshirts available for purchase.  Credit cards will be accepted.

Concessions:  Concessions will be available throughout the day.

Showers:  Hot showers will be available for $2.00 after the race and only after most of the mud has been washed off in the Kilchis River.  This is a fundraiser for the THS cross country team.

Open Race:  An open 5k race will be held at 8:15 to work through all the bugs.  All registration for the open race will be onsite and will cost $15.

Schedule of Events: 

8:15am            Open Race                                         5k


9:00am            Middle School Girls                             3k


9:30am            Middle School Boys                3k

10:00am          Novice Race (Boys & Girls)               3k                    1A-4A

10:30am          JV Girls                                               5k                    1A-4A

11:15am          JV Boys                                              5k                    1A-4A

12:00pm          Varsity Girls                                        5k                    1A-4A

12:45pm          Varsity Boys                            5k                    1A-4A

1:30pm            Novice Race (Boys & Girls)               3k                    5A-6A

2:00pm            JV Girls                                               5k                    5A, 6A

2:45pm            JV Boys                                              5k                    5A, 6A

3:30pm            Varsity Girls                                        5k                    5A, 6A

4:15pm            Varsity Boys                                        5k                    5A, 6A

As always, please e-mail me at with questions or call me at 503.812.9190.  the closer to the race we get the less responsive I’ll be.

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