I am pleased to announce the winners of this year’s scholarships via an essay on character.  We had over 30 applicants and it was very difficult to narrow the winners down.  I just returned from coaching at Steens Mountain Running Camp  and I had ample time to read and re-read them all to select the winners.  In fact, I came down to six of the best.

This year’s winners are (in no particular order):

1.  Kyle Peterson, Hockinson H.S., WA

2.  Emily Donnel, Bellevue Christian, WA

3.  Gustavo Lopez, Woodburn H.S., OR

4.  John Kavulich, Scappoose H.S., OR

5.  Will Harley, Scappoose H.S., OR

6.  Linnaea Kavulich, Scappoose H.S., OR

Since I selected three athletes from the same school, you may be wondering about favoritism.  Our office manager, Meagan, prepared the essays as they came in so that I read them anonymously.  Only after they were selected did I know the name or school of the authors.  Again, all of them were very good, but I had to narrow it down to the 5/6 that stood out the most.

All of the above athletes were already registered and will receive a refund for their paid deposit.  Congratulations.

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