Ultimook Race Friday Night Camping Sign up

Use this form to sign up your team to camp on the Hydrangea Ranch on Friday night August 31st prior to the Ultimook Race Sept. 1st.



Camping Details:   We are encouraging teams to come to the Oregon Coast early on Friday and camp out on the farm Friday night.  Tents can be setup around the track area in the center of the farm, in the hydrangea plantation, or around the main pavilion area (in this area tents must be taken down and moved by 7:00 am since it is on the race start area).  Because of race times, some teams may prefer to camp out on Saturday night which is fine but there will be no food services.  We have plenty of camping space; do not worry about reserving space.

We have two large greenhouses that we used for the Ultimook Running Camp that are available to sleep in.  One is for girls, one is for boys.  Hot showers are additionally available.

Electricity, water, and a limited amount of picnic tables/straw bales will be provided in and around the main pavilion area.  An optional barbecue on the farm will be organized Friday evening for participating teams ($5/person).  If you do not want to join in the barbecue, please plan accordingly as the farm is about 5 miles from town.   The main pavilion area will be well lit until 10:00 pm.  Lights out is also quite time.   Obviously, port-a-potties and garbage cans will be available.   The cost of camping is $3/person which includes a pre-race breakfast and hot shower facilities.    There will be a campfire on Friday night as well as a showing of the Prefontaine movie “Without Limits” drive-in movie style (it was cancelled last year due to heavy rain).

If you plan on camping on The Hydrangea Ranch on Friday night, please fill out the below above.  This will let us know which activities your team will be taking part in during the weekend.  If you will not be camping the night before then it is not necessary to fill out this form.  If you do not fill out the form, we will assume you will not be camping and taking part in any of its associated activities Friday evening and Saturday morning.

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