2015 Ultimook Running Camp scheduled for Aug. 9-15.

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High School Long Distance Running Camp

Camping on the Hydrangea Ranch

One of the Oregon Coast’s most popular wedding venues.

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2014 Ultimook Running Camp Highlight Photos

Ultimook Camp's Mission

Our mission is to develop long distance runners in both mind and body.  We offer a REAL cross country experience with a unique mixture of beautiful runs, great training, knowledgeable speakers, and team building challenges.

Best Runs on the Coast

The unsurpassed beauty and rugged terrain of the OR Coast offers a unique training environment that will challenge and inspire runners of all levels, with trips to various beaches, logging roads, and trails.

Sasquatch Games

The Sasquatch Games is the ultimate team building exercise.  Whether you come as an individual or as a team, you’ll all go home with a deeper love for the sport and a passion for leadership and working together as a team.

Find True North

Leadership and teamwork are the keys to good, long-term, team success.  The Ultimook Camp will be facilitating a character building curriculum called Habitudes, which teaches timeless character and leadership principles.

Highlight Video

“If you’re looking for a hard week of training, great food and a blast this is for you!!!!! ”

Dan Carrier, Scappoose High School

2013 Camp Photos

Official Ultimook Race Map

More official maps: 3k Course, Middle School & Novice Race click on image for larger view   5k Course, High School JV & Varsity click on image for larger view    ...

2014 Ultimook Running Camp Highlight Photos

ultimook-72ultimook-23ultimook-80ultimook-2-3ultimook-76Ultimook XC-1-3ultimook-35ultimook-68ultimook-10ultimook-32-2ultimook xc-79ultimook-17ultimook-64ultimook-15ultimook-83ultimook xc-139ultimook-27-2Ultimook...

Aerial photos of the Ultimook Race Sept. 6th, 2014.

These are just some of the aerial photos we took of the Ultimook Race course.  It is groomed and ready to go. Ultimook XC-1-5Ultimook XC-1-4Ultimook XC-1-22Ultimook XC-1-15Ultimook XC-1-3Ultimook XC-1-23Ultimook XC-1-21Ultimook XC-2-2Ultimook XC-1Ultimook...

Sign Up Here to camp prior to The Ultimook Race

  Ultimook Race Friday Night Camping Sign up Use this form to sign up your team to camp on the Hydrangea Ranch on Friday night September 5th prior to the Ultimook Race Sept. 6th. School NameSchool LevelMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolHead Contact NameHead Contact...

Ultimook Adventure Run to the Top of the World

The Ultimook Camp has designed its Signature Event, the Ultimook Adventure Run to the Top of the World with an “Amazing Race” touch to it this year including geocaches, team challenges, and lots of...

Leadership Essay Contest Winners Announced

With over 40 applicants for our leadership essay contest, it was very difficult to determine the top 5.  To be honest, all of them were very well written, but we had to choose only 5. Here are the names of the 5 winners: 1.  Claire Petit 2.  Dan Carrier 3.  Noa Bothe...

Camping on The Hydrangea Ranch

Quickly becoming one of the coast’s favorite wedding venues, The Hydrangea Ranch is located on one of Oregon’s largest flower farms.  Camp site is adjacent to six acres of blue and purple hydrangeas in bloom.  Calla lilies, flowering branches, and other specialty cut...

Experience the Best Runs on the Oregon Coast.

Featured runs include trips to Cape Lookout State Park, Cape Meares Lighthouse, Cape Meares Bay Ocean Spit, the Kilchis River Valley in the Tillamook State Forest, and much more.  The below photos show areas along the coast where we will be...

Unique Training Environment

The Ultimook Running Camp’s mission is to develop long distance runners in both mind and body.  The unsurpassed beauty and rugged terrain of the Oregon Coast offers a unique training environment that will challenge and inspire young runners of all levels.   In...

Team Building Challenges & The Sasquatch Games.

Sasquatch Games: One of the primary focuses of the Ultimook Running Camp is to build teamwork. Whether you arrive as a team or as an individual your camp team will become your new family.  These camp teams will compete throughout the week with numerous competitions,...

A REAL Cross Country Experience

The Ultimook Running Camp and The Ultimook Race are both geared toward offering kids a REAL cross country experience.  Here is a photo gallery of The Ultimook Race 2013.  Sign up now for the  2014 race at www.athletic.net....

2014 Ultimook Race Details

The below information is for the 2013 race, but it can give you a good idea of what is in store for 2014.  2014 race details will be updated closer to the race: Dear Coaches, Thank you very much for signing up for The Ultimook Race to be held September 7th on The...

Team Camp Retreat Opportunities

The Hydrangea Ranch is being developed into a runner’s playground.  If you are a coach and cannot make it for the camp, but would like to use the ranch as a training base another week or perhaps even for a few days anytime throughout the year please e-mail Patrick...

Wildlife on the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast is host to a wide array of wildlife.  There are more wild elk in Tillamook County than people–cows too.  You may be able to spot bald eagles, bears, bobcats, elk, deer, great blue heron, and most notoriously, Bigfoot–he is a regular visitor of The...


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Beautiful runs, great training, leadership training, and character development.

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