Ultimook Covid Control Plan

The whole premise behind our covid disease control plan is that we are operating an outside camp.  Transmissions of covid outside are very low.  Therefore, since Ultimook Running Camp is an outdoor camp, we will do everything possible to enhance the benefits of being outside and minimize all indoor opportunities.

Athletes are required to be vaccinated or show proof of negative test 1-3days prior to camp.    Prescreening via Camp Doc Network.


County Notifcation Program:

Call Tillamook County Health Department at 503.812.4719 and e-mail rphillip@co.tillamook.or.us.  Rapid tests available at the health center.  Call Tillamook County Health Center for test appointment.  Parent permission needed with a signed waiver, that if a kid comes down with covid symptoms, they can be tested.

Camping area near the small barn will be set aside for covid risk individuals.  We have individual tents available to setup to quarantine these individuals:

  1. Until they can be tested at the health center – transported by vaccinated counselor/manager
  2. After confirmed covid, picked up by parents. If pick up is not possible, they will be isolated from other kids and staff until they can be picked up.  Will be serviced by vaccinated individuals.


Protocol to end program activities if warranted and dicated by OHA:

Parents will be notified to pick up athletes as soon as possible.  Out of state campers will be taken to the airport when flight arrangements can be made.  Housing will be provided until these arrangements have been made.

The Camp Doc Network has been chosen to facilitate medical care and record keeping throughout camp.  All visits to the trainer or covid coordinator will be noted.

Camp Doc prescreening will be employed to prescreen kids prior to camp.  This includes proof of vaccination or a negative covid test.

Patrick Zweifel, camp director is the head Covid point of contact for camp.  His office is 503.815.3762.  Cell phone is 503.812.9190.  His e-mail address is pat@ultimookrunningcamp.com.

Grace Blanchard is the covid coordinator at camp.  She will facilitate the prescreening and collect contract tracing sheets from arrivals.  Grace’s phone number is 503.812.3402.


Contact tracing:

Contact tracing will be performed on all individuals dropping off kids and picking up kids from camp.  Grace Blanchard will facilitate this.  This is what will be collected:

▪ Adult name(s) completing drop-off and pick-up;

▪ Youth names, arrival and departure date and times;

▪ Name of any staff or person coming in contact with youth, arrival and departure

date and times.


Ultimook Running Camp is required to exclude from camp and child or staff member who test positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days, regardless of vaccination status.

Inform all families, staff, and individuals who enter the camp that they should not enter if they are unvaccinated and have been exposed to a Covid-19 case.

We will inform the Tillamook County Health Department immediately if anyone who has been on the camp premise and diagnosed with Covid-19.

We will communicate, in coordination with local public health authority, with all families and

other individuals who have been on the premises of the program in the past 14 days

about a confirmed case of COVID-19.



We are promoting vaccination for all eligible staff, youths, and their family members via regular e-mail communication.

Speech will be given at on start of camp about Covid protocols, social distancing, hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes, cohort social distancing, protocols, etc.

Outdoor open environment is important.  We will encourage minimal time in greenhouses (tents), the only indoor environment in camp.  Covid coordinator will sanitize port-a-potties and other communal areas twice per day.

Facemask coverings will be required when on the bus heading out to a run and windows will be down.

Cohorts of average size of 15-18 kids.  Will be told to stay 6 feet away from campers of other cohorts.  Groups of kids will be allowed to bring own tents to stay isolated from non vaccinated campers.  We have added tent space to keep kids separated.  We have purchased more picnic tables to allow more space at eating.


Strongly encourage parents to monitor their children at home prior to camp to keep away from social settings and for signs of covid and keep away from camp if any signs develop.

Counselors will be routinely screening (twice daily) themselves and their campers for signs or symptoms of infectious illness, including Covid 19.

Staff or camper will be separated if they exhibit or develop a new cough, fever, shortness of breath or other primary symptoms of COVID-19 until they can be tested at the Tillamook County Health Center.

Masks will be provided at camp at all times.  Campers will be encouraged not to use dirty masks.  We will show youth how to effectively wear a face covering.

Additionally housing has been constructed to maximize space between cohorts in tents as well as between beds/heads.  Maximum ventilation will be encouraged.  Extra space will be provided between cohorts/teams.

We will request that unvaccinated camp staff, campers and their families quarantine for the 14

days prior to arrival at camp by physical distancing, wearing a mask when not at home,

avoiding unnecessary travel and refraining from indoor social gatherings with people

outside of their households.

We will request campers and staff who are not fully vaccinated obtain a COVID viral

test not more than 3 days before they arrive at camp. A PCR test is preferred.

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